Friday, September 10, 2010


You know, for as long as I can remember, I have wanted anything from the Alienware catalogues. This morning before class, I found myself thinking about that as I sifted through the different models they have on the site. I know I shouldn't be looking that way, as I have barely enough change to keep me alive for a week at any one time. Still, there they are.

The Alienware laptops have always shared one thing in common: They are made to look otherworldly or futuristic (a combination of both is also acceptable). They may look interesting, and you may want them, but you know you'll want them just a little less if you start to think about the crazy looks you'd get from fellow students or co-workers (I don't include fellow gamers here because a gamer would look past the design and into the hardware). It's just a little over the top sometimes. Having had a macbook for a while now (my first mac - will not be my last, but I love both sides of the railroad evenly), I've been considering change; and if acquiring an operating system is as simple as it is today, the machine is my primary focus.

Oh, and I won't go into Alienware PCs because building one yourself is much better.

I'm just surprised! You'd think Alienware would have gotten the hang of it.
At least the hardware looks great, though.


  1. I think alienware is over rated. Come check me out.


  2. Alienware is beautiful, but probably not worth the money

  3. Yooooooo

  4. consumerism at its finest, save your money or spend it on something better, not worth it all around seriously. Maybe if they were 1/2th the price, or if you were lucky enough to get one for free :]

    don't get me wrong, yeah I'd love to have one.. but hmmn..

  5. Alienware+dell=shit
    Sager+clevo=The shit