Sunday, August 29, 2010

fun in medicine with no more fix

Normally I'm pretty turned off by serious things like disease, infections or any abscess ready to burst - mainly because it could happen to me, and I'm horrified by sneaky things that could slowly kill me without my consent, which is why I'm okay with smoking and drinking. Normally, though, does not count when you throw in a sardonic cripple with an answer for everything; this cripple is the exception.

Yeah, I'm talking about House, and although I'd like to rant long about my favorite medical hero, there is something that bugs me. The House M.D. blog previously found here has been taken down finally, and that leaves me with almost no real fix for the show other than the Bravo and Sleuth channels (each channel airing the show a torturous once a week). I say "finally" because it had been up for an incredibly long time airing a show that infringes copyrights without getting shut down. Blogs like this are what keep me ticking when I'm wasting time browsing lettered forums full of the same person posting the same three things.  Hulu won't work because it airs like 15 minutes of one episode, and every other source just redirects you to some bullshit downloader program or a bunch of broken links.

Here is my plea:
If you know where to find House, please tell me.

a fun way to test your iq score.

Not to brag here, so I won't.

Ever been curious about your IQ?
Visit gigi and comment your IQ score if you dare.
If not, no worries, I'm cool with that.

A fan of drinks?
Visit liqurious at notcot to look up recipes for tasty drinks.

a slacker-eye view at the movies: the last exorcism

I think if I had ever found out that Eli Roth was involved with this movie beforehand, I'd know a bit of what to expect. Oh wait, I did know this. More about this tidbit later.

I checked out the movie late opening night at some fairly popular theater. I made it a point to express that I don't normally buy into checking these types of movies out on opening night in order to avoid squealing adolescent girls and guys to try and act cool by startling said girls. It takes too much out of it, I guess, but I went anyway as my broke ass was invited to this event. It went just as expected, which made me generally dislike the movie as I tried to take it seriously whilst dissecting it.

The movie's most obvious detail is the style in which it was shot; it was shot documentary-style, as previously made popular by 1999's The Blair Witch Project. If you're prone to getting motion sickness by shaky cameras, then please look away for the entire movie. The Last Exorcism's pace brings back another memory to another of Eli Roth's works. Except he was directing that, not producing it. This film, his most famous to date, is Hostel, which should be seen for its premise alone. Basically the film's pace and style of shot is like this: Light-hearted beginning with a happy shot and tone (by shot I mean the film's picture), which descends at a slow rate into a gritty, dark and uncomfortable end. Most horror movies really don't take so long in depicting the good parts, which makes this type of approach a snooze-fest for the slow-witted or just ennui-stricken. I'll also add that the film's central character (Nell or whatever her name is) is played by Ashley Bell, not to be confused with Michael Cera - really.

The movie's plot is not one I'll divulge in detail for fear of just giving away the movie, but think Rosemary's Baby. I'm already bored of writing this.

This, my friends, has been a slacker's movie review.
Blah blah, see you later.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


In addition to my prior post, I will also suggest other games to be played as well as music to be heard, and places to go goof off (or maybe just go on about what I'm playing, listening to or where I am goofing off). Being fairly well-seasoned in many things fun and time consuming, I thought I might be able to give some good input on things that'll help you escape from everyday normalcy.

Forget it.
This, like many others, will be a source for my rantings on anything that may smell like fun.

See you all very soon!

while I think of good things to blog about..

..allow me to first express my general disdain toward the word "blog". Granted, I didn't learn about the word's actual meaning until a few years after blogs had begun to surface, but it still sounded like a child's thing. I'm actually more used to the thought of owning a livejournal, even if that has been taken up by pissy adolescents as well.

Anyway, in the spirit of my blog's title, please enjoy some epic mafia.