Sunday, August 29, 2010

fun in medicine with no more fix

Normally I'm pretty turned off by serious things like disease, infections or any abscess ready to burst - mainly because it could happen to me, and I'm horrified by sneaky things that could slowly kill me without my consent, which is why I'm okay with smoking and drinking. Normally, though, does not count when you throw in a sardonic cripple with an answer for everything; this cripple is the exception.

Yeah, I'm talking about House, and although I'd like to rant long about my favorite medical hero, there is something that bugs me. The House M.D. blog previously found here has been taken down finally, and that leaves me with almost no real fix for the show other than the Bravo and Sleuth channels (each channel airing the show a torturous once a week). I say "finally" because it had been up for an incredibly long time airing a show that infringes copyrights without getting shut down. Blogs like this are what keep me ticking when I'm wasting time browsing lettered forums full of the same person posting the same three things.  Hulu won't work because it airs like 15 minutes of one episode, and every other source just redirects you to some bullshit downloader program or a bunch of broken links.

Here is my plea:
If you know where to find House, please tell me.


  1. Some of that stuff creeps me out too, not too bad usually.

  2. very informative

  3. Doing a daily run through, maybe you could check out my blog in turn?